1275 Culver Drive NE
Palm Bay, Florida 32907-1176

(321) 724-1338


The Booster donation is $25.00. Boosters’ names are posted on our website for a full year. $$ = time to renew (ends this month)

Barbara Bergman
Joan Chapklin
Bill & Flo Embley
Sylvia Fels
Bill Haberman
Don & Nancy LaFortune
William E. Madison
Janet Nowall
Lorne Ott
Joyce Pope
Joe Regan Sr.
Linda & Serge Sixto


     Asian Mahjong

     Bingo, Wed & Fri

     Bridge, Mon & Fri



     Golden Tones

     Knotty Habits

     Ping Pong

     Wii Bowling

In Loving Memory of:

Bill Nowall by his loving wife Janet

Bill Nowall by Lorne Ott

Donna Ostrom by Canasta

Mike Roben by Hand & Foot Club

1275 Culver Drive NE Palm Bay, Florida 32907

(321) 724-1338