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  • For more information please contact: vendorfair@gpbsc.net
  • This link will show you a listing of participating vendors for October: click here.
  • Our next event is Sunday, October 22, 2023.
  • Interested in becoming a vendor at our next event? 

Becoming a vendor is a simple process. First, I ask all vendors to complete an online vendor form so that I can learn more about the product you sell and what type of set up you are looking for. This is a one-time form; you do not need to complete it monthly. The link to complete the form is: HERE It may appear the link doesn’t work, if that happens, cut and paste it in your browser directly instead of clicking it from this email. Once I see that this is complete, I will be able to streamline the communication to your specific needs. On a side note, one of the questions asks for your business name, this does not have to be a DBA, it can be something you make up so that a guest reading the list of vendors has an idea of the type of product you are selling. For example: Jane’s Homemade Sweet Treats, or Jane’s Homemade Candles…. This is NOT a good suggestion: Janes’ Crafts – it doesn’t give the reader any idea what you specialize in… Jane’s Wooden Art or Jane’s All Occasion Cards gives the reader a much better perspective of what you are selling.

Second, is payment. This secures that you have a space for the event. Without confirmed payment, I cannot issue you a vendor space. I do send you a confirmation email, so if you don’t receive it, please follow up with me so I can look into it for you. We have two options for payment: cash/check or online through an Eventbrite link, there is a non-refundable convenience charge for the online payment. In person payments at the Senior Center will be by appointment only. Please mark the payment envelope with your name, (month you are paying for) Vendor Fair, and a contact phone number. One week before the event, we ONLY accept online payments. We have different price points for the different setups so, I’ll be able to send you the appropriate link for payment in a separate email.

Lastly, once I have received confirmation of payment, I assign the vendor space. I strive to accommodate all requests, but prepaid vendors from the previous month have priority.

A description of the different setups are as follows:

Indoor Crafters, Bakers, & Direct Sales Setup ($25/table or 2/$45)- we provide one 6ft table and 2 chairs. Vendors cannot add to that space as the tables are set in a line with no openings. All openings are aisles and cannot be blocked. You can add height to your space by placing shelving or racking on top of the table.  Vendors can request a space along the wall where electrical outlets are available, you would need to bring your own extension cord (must in good condition). These spaces are not guaranteed as there are more vendors than outlets, and NOTHING can be placed or leaned against the wall.

Outdoor Setup ($25/space)- vendor provides all tables, canopy with 25lb of weight/or 1 cinder block per leg, chairs, racking, etc. You are allotted a 10×10 space to ‘design’ anyway you like. No open flames are allowed. No electrical outlets are available. Your space is on grass or ground (not asphalt). Staking your canopy is NOT enough, weights are required. Canopies are optional. Vendors need to be 3ft apart.

Established Businesses ($50/space- indoor or outdoor, same descriptions as above) – this is a brick-and-mortar establishment. This could be a business looking to expand their clientele, or a service company looking to promote the (new) business.

Pricing is subject to change.

1275 Culver Drive NE Palm Bay, Florida 32907

(321) 724-1338

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